Friday, June 11, 2010

#37 A Fun Question

Let's face it, a lot of life related to autism stinks, but a lot of it is really funny, too. I know one mother of an autistic boy who had to duct tape the peanut butter jar. On the one hand, this is sad and unbelievably frustrating, but on the other, it's absolutely hysterically funny. She chooses to look at it as hysterically funny and one more adventure in this strange journey autism takes us on.

Jack brings an amazing amount of laughter to our lives every single day. His little one-liners slay us, as does his literal take on language. We're lucky that he's so verbal and communicative when so many people with autism are not able or even driven to communicate. Sometimes, Jack will express something oddly ("Hoover, you look cute in your face."). Sometimes, he does and says funny things to get his own way. Here's an exerpt from an email his teacher sent me recently:

"I took [Jack] and the other students up with $1 to spend for business day. He ended up getting watermelon. On the way out he noticed a brownie with BLUE icing and really wanted it. He literally went up to the girl selling them and batting his eyes (I am NOT making this up!) said "You know blue is my favorite color and I LOVE brownies, but I have no money." Well....who can resist that, she gave him one for free. I told Jack that his charming personality will not always get him free things in life. Of course he had no idea what I was talking about! I'm going to miss him this summer!"

Sometimes, it's his tone of voice, which I can't really convey in writing, that elicits our giggles.

So today's question is this: What has your child with autism done lately to make you laugh?


JoLynn said...

Max is playing with facial expressions. He will come up to me with the goofiest expressions on his face and say, "Like 'dis, Mommy," meaning he wants me to mimic his expression. They are so goofy sometimes, I just have to laugh.

I also love watching him pretend. He will ride his trike up to our refrigerator door (with a water/ice dispenser) and pretend it is a drive thru. He will then proceed to give an order that sounds EXACTLY like something we have ordered in the past.

And one other thing, since you asked, he has taken to whispering, "yes" when he wants something. The lighter the whisper, the greater the desire. Don't know when or where that started, but it's pretty funny when he does it. Scott and I will teasingly do it with each other. "Do you want steak for dinner?" {whisper} "Yes."

Great topic. There's PLENTY to laugh at.

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Susan,

Liam had been playing with his train (which moves) in his bedroom...I, thinking he would like to see that it would move, took it out to the dining room to show him.
He looked at it, gave me a stony look and took it into his bedroom, where it won't move and will therefore make that lovely clicking noise LOL

Hugs, Sharon

Markie's Mom said...

We have two children in our families with autism. One is my husband's great nephew. The other is my nephew. They are the same age, and were born in the same hospital on the same day.

My nephew (now going into 3rd grade!) Looked me straight in the face yesterday and said, "Aunt Faith, you have the biggest butt in the family." I looked at him and said, "And a TON of cupcakes made that butt, honey! I'm proud to say your Uncle Mark is a GREAT baker and cook!" He looked right back and said, "Maybe he should stop feeding you for a while."

The entire family broke into laughter, this child, in the mist of family arguments, and dispair over my dying mother's illness had HER laughing so hard she spit watermelon all over the dining room! LOL

Kimberly said...

I just found your blog and am excited to connect with other moms who have an autistic child. Our son Ryan is going to be four this next month. One thing we love about his personality is that he enjoys making us laugh in his own way. One thing he does is put his sister's pants on his head and run up to us, waiting for our reaction. The joy he gets from it cracks us up!

Pillerillan said...

I don't have an autistic child myself - but i work with 14 wonderful persons in the age between 6-18. And they always make me smile! I would like to send some love to you and to all the parents out there! You really are great!

Jessi Fogan said...

Well, the other day, we came home from a long HOT bike ride, and Connor (11) said, "I need some lemonade. I am a hot mess."
Both my auties are funny, but Connor is the one that most people end up coughing in front of...sometimes he likes to be funny, but if he's being "seweyus" we just end up coughing a bit longer :) He is particularly good at coining words, some of which we have all adopted - like remembery, for memory.