Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#19 Siblings with Greater Risk of Problems

Today's question really is for both parents and therapists/doctors/teachers/aides. I would appreciate a fuller picture of issues for siblings of children on the spectrum who are not autistic. Anecdotally, in the forums it seems like lots of families have multiple children with autism, but there is rarely discussion of non-autistic siblings.

Do you noticed more problems with siblings who aren't on the spectrum, such as ADD/ADHD, behavior problems, quirkiness, social problems, speech problems, etc.? What problems have you seen specifically, and how have you dealt with them?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#18 How are you feeling about the new school year?

I'm feeling pretty good, myself. Jack has a wonderful program set up, all the members of his team seem up to speed and doing fine, and he's happy....mostly. This morning, at the very last second out the door to the bus, he decided he NEEDED Buzz Lightyear to go to school with him. Um. What about the "no toys at school" rule, a rule I am hugely in favor of, a rule we discussed last week before the first day started? He refused to wave at me as the bus went by. He just glowered.

I think I can handle that, but I'm very curious to know how this played out at school. I sent an email to his regular ed and TEACCH teachers to let them know. Usually, when I notify teachers of a potential "off" day, Jack turns in his best work ever. Go figure.

So, how are you feeling this early in September?