Friday, July 31, 2009

#16 What is one of your amazing moments?

Because I have a child with a serious disability, each major or minor milestone met both surprises and amazes me. Today, I had one tiny moment that took my breath away.

Nick and Jack were playing in a McDonald's play place outside. There was much gleeful screaming and yelling...the normal sounds of six or seven boys under age ten playing in a small space.

Nick came off the slide to sip his drink, and I asked, "What is Jack doing?"

Nick replied, "What all the other kids are doing." Then he ran back into the tunnels.

What all the other kids are doing. Wow.

Can you describe one (or several) of your amazing moments?

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maiahs_momma said...

I would have to say that one of our AMAZING moments would have to be when our son was 4, and he wasn't able to dress himself. I being an Early Childhood Educator, I thought to myself what if I use dressing strips to help him out. So I made a dressing strip (one for his drawer, and one for his wall), the next morning he dressed himself without any help. My husband thought I dressed him, I thought my husband dressed He was so proud of himself when he did it himself :)! He still doesn't know how to put on his socks, he is now 5 but we are working on it.