Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#18 How are you feeling about the new school year?

I'm feeling pretty good, myself. Jack has a wonderful program set up, all the members of his team seem up to speed and doing fine, and he's happy....mostly. This morning, at the very last second out the door to the bus, he decided he NEEDED Buzz Lightyear to go to school with him. Um. What about the "no toys at school" rule, a rule I am hugely in favor of, a rule we discussed last week before the first day started? He refused to wave at me as the bus went by. He just glowered.

I think I can handle that, but I'm very curious to know how this played out at school. I sent an email to his regular ed and TEACCH teachers to let them know. Usually, when I notify teachers of a potential "off" day, Jack turns in his best work ever. Go figure.

So, how are you feeling this early in September?


tinamarie said...

I was very anxious. I think alot more than Tony was. It was a big help that he went to this school last year so he know the kids and teachers and the routine. He is in a charter school for the school district. So there are only about 25 kids there. He has done so much better since we moved him.
He was a bit scared as Tanner started the high school charter school this and he can't depend on him for everything. But so far so good! Its just the getting up in the morning we are still working on.

maiahs_momma said...

I was very anxious too, still am to some degree as I think is the school ready for him?? Do they have all the necessary safety measures in place for him?? How will he do with all the new smells, sounds?? The list goes on and on...however he NEEDS his crocs on...sadly the school wants him to have sneakers. Which is fine, but sneakers bother him a lot...