Saturday, February 4, 2012

Performance Miracle

I hope you can read this. Click on the picture to bring up a larger version.

Found this posted on FB and have not been able to verify it, but how completely cool that a performance might elicit this sort of response from a locked-in child? If this is true, I'll bet his parents are wigging out trying to leverage this into some sort of therapy!


Luv2talk said...

I have been visiting your STAMPING BLOG for quite a while now, but just noticed this link in the corner.

I have an 18 yo son with autism who will soon be graduating with honors. He is still on an IEP, but it is more of a formality now as he no longer really requires any additional classroom support.

Your writings moved me to tears (I guess they took me back in time to my own days of worry and uncertainty.) Your well written thoughts and perspectives tell a story that I can relate to while also giving me something to ponder.

I remember when my son was eight. Now he is 18. I will tell you that it gets better and better. There have been some painful bumps along the way, but, for the most part, they have been minor. My son has friends. My son drives a car. My son has a job. My son is kind. Most of my worries were unfounded.

I wish the best for you and your family.


Susan Raihala said...

Thank you, Leslie! Best wishes for your son as he graduates!

Susie said...
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Susie said...

I have a 21-yr-old nephew who is autistic and a daughter who works with autistic young adults. It's amazing that, when you open your eyes and really look at people, you see more of what we should value in them and less of their so-called deficiencies. Thanks for your blog.